Learning from research

Recently I saw Chris Yapp (www.futurefoundation.net/nvoys/show/115) talk about the future role of technology in shaping educational organisations and their respective strategies. At the beginning of the day Chris set the scene by discussing key features of the UK educational landscape. One such feature was the distance between the world of educational research and teachers in the classroom teaching. He drew comparisons to his partner’s profession, Medicine, where research informs practice directly – as we would hope it would!

Certainly, I would say that since completing my PGCE, when the process of completing academic essays placed research in the fore, the degree to which I base my teaching strategies on research outcomes has slowly dwindled. I don’t read academic papers and I am out of touch with research. But surely, in the world of education, we, as professionals, should value highly the academic accomplishments of those most skilled and knowledgable in understanding and explaining how we learn…!

This was obviously the same thinking that the staff at Rosendale Primary School School had when they decided to write ‘How We Learn What we Learn’ which is a superb short free book detailing the learning theroy which underpins their curriculum. It’s written by teachers for teachers and, in my opinion, is a must read to start addressing the distance between research and practice.

Get it now by clicking the cover below:

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