Our Computing curriculum apps

These are the apps used in the Computing Curriculum available for download here

Bee Bots App


A wonderful modern interpretation of the classic Bee Bots that have taught many of us the basics of control (programming by another name!?) This app sets a challenge for pupils to program the Bee Bot to make it to the flower – programming for a desired outcome!

Daisy the Dinosaur 


A simple to use programming environment in which pupils can drag and drop command blocks to write a program for Dairy to execute. There are even input blocks for ‘shake’ and ‘touch’ making use of the iPads gyro and touch sensitive screen. It’s ace, give it a try.

Cargo Bot


An important skill in learning to code is learning to code efficiently. Programs may appear the same from an external perspective when they achieve identical outcomes, but behind the scene in the nitty gritty of the code they may vary greatly in terms of the efficiently of their architecture. This app introduces this concept by challenging the user to write the shortest code possible to complete a set task (the rearrangement of coloured crates using the cargo arm).  Shortening code is accomplished by using ‘loops’ which in themselves are a key feature of coding that pupils need to grasp. This is a tricky app which we are thinking of using with older students and it is quite addictive!

Move the Turtle and 


This app allows pupils to program the movement of a turtle which draws a path as it moves. Pupils will move on from this to the Logo based apps below to create drawings using the Logo language.

Logo (Logo Draw and i-Logo)

logo draw Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 21.09.13

Both these apps provide pupils with experience programming using the Logo language. In the Computing curriculum you will see pupils start with Logo Draw since it uses a drag and drop coding block style environment before moving on to i-logo which requires pupils to type code.

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