Crumpsall Lane Primary School Raspberry Pi Club

Last week Crumpsall Lane Primary School were fortunate to receive 4 Raspberry Pis funded by Google and distributed to TeachFirst schools across the country.

This week we started our Raspberry Pi club with 8 year 6 pupils and we decided the club would be entirely pupil-led, in so much as I simply gave them the boxes and stood back. I didn’t even tell them what it was 🙂

After the first 40 min session they’d:  worked out it was a small computer; sourced what they needed to set it up; identified that they needed an operating system; found the operating system online and downloaded it 🙂

I tweeted how they were getting on, the questions they were asking and the means by which they were finding out information  using #clpspiclub – I’ll be doing the same next Friday lunch during Pi Club session 2!

pi3 pi1 pi2



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