Python Scheme of Work for Upper Key Stage 2


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I have just finished writing a Python SoW for Upper KS2 which maps to objectives from the proposed 2014 Computing  Curriculum and which can be downloaded from the link below:

KS2 Python SoW

The scheme covers:

  • An introduction to Python
  • Variables and comments
  • User inputs
  • Selection and inequalities
  • Pupils undertaking a ‘Final Project’

Included are modelled examples of code to teach each of the concepts and ‘Coding Challenges’ with solutions so pupils can practise application of their coding skills and knowledge. The scheme finishes with the choice of a final projects whereby pupils either code an ‘Adventure Quest’ game or bring a computer to life using code to simulate ‘Artificial Intelligence!’

I hope it is useful – let me know how it is adopted and adapted, and sorry for the typos!

Jon (@drchips_)

4 responses on “Python Scheme of Work for Upper Key Stage 2

  1. Hi, I am a software Engineer, going for an hour session to a school for teaching python to yr 6 kids. I tried to use your material this week. It was quite helpful! So thanks a lot for creating that. A few comments for improvement (more might come later as I work more with it):
    – The document doesn’t have page numbers
    – It looks like you have tried the commands on python 2.x version. Some commands were not working on latest 3.3 version. For e.g. you need brackets for ‘print’ command, like print (“hello world!”). Your doc says print without brackets. Please check other codes as well.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Yes I wasn’t aware of the more up to date python release so will make these changes when I get the chance 🙂

      Please let me know how the rest of the lessons go.

  2. I am going to be teach Python next term to my upper juniors and this resource has been amazingly helpful! Thank you for the time and effort your have put into this. Even two years later, it is still helpful!

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