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This website is, and will always be, a work in progress! It is always great to hear of what others are doing in their schools with their learners so I can pick up and share ideas, so please feel free to get in touch and talk all things edu tech. I look forward to chatting 🙂

Thanks, Jon

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  1. I am an LA adviser trying to put together some guidance on the new curriculum for our teachers. I love what you have done. I just wondered if you have used the Codea app (used to create Cargo Bot).
    on the iPad.

    • Hi Adele,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I have used Codea a little myself but haven’t built it into our curriculum yet. I am currently working on a second revision of our curriculum though and shall probably include it as I understand it bridges the gap between scripting and GUI based programming environments?

      Which LA are you from?


      • Hi sir it is Dhanish how are you.Do you know if we will do a computing contest in my school? I am very happy seeing you after you left and how is your new job?

  2. Hi Jon,
    I am from Leicester City, but also work with some schools in Leicestershire and Derby. I have not used Codea myself yet. Have you come across Dynamic Art and Cato’s Hike? I only have the lite versions so far. Also, do you know about any suitable Android apps? Adele

  3. Dear Jon,
    I currently lead ICT / Computing on the Primary PGCE and BA (Hons) courses at the University of Greenwich. You’ve put together some great work here which mirrors much of what we have already been doing with our students. Would you be happy for us to point students in the direction of your pages as examples of a curriculum for computing?
    Kind regards,

  4. Hi Jon,
    I would just like to compliment you on the work you have done for the Computing Curriculum and the rest of the blog. The skills list will be very helpful for myself and I am sure for a lot of other ICT Coordinators who may have had a bit of trouble getting their heads around the draft curriculum.


  5. Hi Jon, your stuff is great. I’m a KS1 teacher at a large 8 form school and I have come up with some progression statements for computing. But rather than use a spreadsheet(not easy to manage) or SIMS markbooks (clunky) I’d like to plug them into somekind of assessment software (a nicer version of SIMS??) with a download of pupils data from SIMS hopefully. Do you know of any software like this? What do you use?

    • Hi Jane. I’m sorry I don’t know of any software. We have hard copies of the skills progressions and add on pupils’ names as either exceeded of met the skills objectives. Please let me know of any software you find as i’d like to explore an electronic solution also.

  6. Will do. Would be keen to share what you might already have and I’ll share mine too! The ‘post level’/progression based era approaches and I am evolving on from our old QCA based levels, incorporating programming, computational thinking and trying to make a more relevant digital literacy – but still having enough objectives so we can show progress (for every child in every lesson) but not have it so unweildy that we are recording 50million assessment points.

  7. I have visited your site and used some of the ideas. I have set up a blog to store the materials I am currently using. You are welcome to comment at Having taught computing at a sixth form college for 10 years I am scaling down my efforts to teach y6 pupils in Carlisle. I will add to my blog as the weeks go by and more resources are created and used.

    • Hi. Many thanks for the link to your blog. It looks like a great start. I am currently trying to develop resources around the ‘knowledge’ side of the curriculum such as network typologies etc so with your background perhaps we could collaborate on some lesson ideas?

  8. Hello Jon
    Have read so many good things that can help with the new computering curriculum.
    We are windows 7 at our school.And are looking to purchasers IPADS or TABLETS, but cannot make our minds up.
    TABLETS will work with our network and IPADS we will need a new operating system..
    With the new curriculum what would you suggest. I’m sure loads of teaching members of staff would be thinking the same.

  9. Hello,
    Just discovered your site and hope to explore what colleagues a talking about. Particular reference has to be upcoming curriculum in sept ’14. As an independent Prep school we have for many years run
    our own ICT curriculum. Teaching DT I have made use of Lego Mindstorms and some of the new Lego Education kits. These combine construction but add useful programming skills. A question i have are these elements transferable to the new Computing curriculum? Thanks.

    • Hi Bill. Yes definitely. In Lego we do you’re building algorithms with inputs. You can also use selection – if ….. Then ……. And you use loops (repetition) lots of the new curriculum could be hit with this kit.

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